Crest of the Michaud's of North America

The Coat of Arms Crest of the family of Pierre Michaeu was unvailed on October 2nd, 1988, at a benefit dinner of the Association of the Michaud Families, which was held in Quebec. This blazon is the emblem of the Michaud families of North America. It was conceived by Lucien Godbout, professor with the Small Seminar of Quebec.


four fix: These four fix made with the green of the ecu a unit of nine parts which points out the nine children who ensured the posterity of the ancestor of Michaeu.

head: The head is borrowed from the armorial bearings of Poitou where the Michaeu ancestors were born.


green: The green stresses that the ancestor Pierre Micheau was always interested in the ground. On the coast of Bowsprit, more precisely in Saint Anne du Petit Cap, the Island with Cranes and Kamouraska. It always cultivated a small holding to nourish its family. The green is also the symbol of hope and vitality.

money: It is the color of water, the river and the image of the purity and the power. the ancestors were always emblished close to the river.

red: This color symbolizes the courage and the love of the ancestor who condescended to leave France for a new ground, filled of difficult hope but of access.

however: It is symbolizes the spiritula richness rather, that of faiht, the spirit and the heart. One also regards it as a symbol of immortality and the perfection.


The three turns are in the armorial bearings of Poitou from which our ancestors came. the want to also announce the three centers of the life of Pierre Micheau, that is to say: the Northern Bank (Sainte Anne du Petit Cap), the Island with Cranes, and Kamouraska.

CURRENCY "Feray what diray"

It is a currency which expresses the force of will and characte. It ensures truth and certainty.

our roots

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