Genealogy Ring of the World

Genealogy ring of the World

This ring welcomes anyone who has a page with a family tree, family information, or family history to join. Your page must be appropriate for all ages. First add this fragment to your page:

It should look something like this:

Genealogy Ring of the World!

This Genealogy Ring of the World site
is owned by MrHugs1.

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Want to join the ring? Get the info.

Make sure where it says YOUR EMAIL you replace it with your email address, where it says YOUR NAME replace it with your name. Now go and submit your site! After you have done that you will get and ID number. In the fragment replace where it says _YOUR ID_ with your ID number. Now email someone already on the ring and ask him or her to add you to the ring!

Please report any broken links or graphics that donít work on this site by sending Email to MrHugs at MrHugs1@yahoo.comor at Thank You